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Here's just some of the feedback from Tina's clients
from AnnettB

I suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and have arthritis in my hands. I self referred to Tina due to the constant pain and swelling in my fingers and got an appointment quickly. Tina gave me some exercises to do at home which I need to do on a daily basis. Which is no bother at all as they only take a few minutes some I can even do whilst driving. I was extremely pleased with her approach, the advice she gave, the exercises provided. She even advised me on how to change hand posture when using electronic devices and how to adjust my hands in yoga so I don't hurt them further. Since doing the exercises I've had very little swelling in my fingers and the pain has mostly gone.  

I can't recommend her highly enough


My son severed a tendon in his finger recently. We were very worried because he was coming up to his uni exams and is also a jazz pianist.

Minor injuries failed to diagnose the problem properly but Tina was just extraordinary.
She acted with conspicuous knowledge and care to provide an instant diagnosis and a summary treatment and management timetable plan which turned out to be correct to the day!

We couldn't have wanted for better resolution and recommend Tina Cockhill at the highest level.

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